The City Review is a 'zine devoted to Manhattan affairs and the arts with a strong emphasis on architecture, planning, real estate, museums, books and consumer technology. The City Review is a regularly updated forum for citizens concerned about creative and constructive ways for New York to maintain, enhance and augment its legacy of urbanity and the highest achievement in the arts. Such citizens need coverage that is sophisticated, but not distractingly stylish, pertinent and relevant without being exhausting, and not without humor.

"Talk about Energizer Bunnies, Carter B. Horsley! Your chronicling of the city's built environment is probably without equal."

- David W. Dunlap, Facebook comment, August 8, 2017

The City Review is proud to have received numerous Internet awards, which may be viewed on the Awards page.

"The text featured in this site is written in an interesting, relaxed style.  Excellent literary detail and structure.  Keeps readers' interest....Written for an educated, sophisticated audience.  Nice layout, accented with quality graphics....The content of this site seems vital to the community spirit of New York City.  Wonderful community development spirit!  We need more sites like these, for every city and community!...Information appears well-researched with reliable information sources....Author demonstrates a fine mastery of the written word.  Articulate, interesting, upbeat, and stimulating." 

- November 27, 1998 citation of The City Review for its "Eloquence Award," http://mysp.com/p/wwwriters/awards.html

"Source for criticism and information on the cultural politics, architecture, art, and museum culture of Manhattan from journalist Carter Horsley. Includes voluminous essays and personalized critiques on New York's museums, parks, art collections and collectors, and all aspects of visual culture in the Big Apple. Simple interfaces and a text-heavy design make visiting this site a worthwhile exercise in reading on the Web."

- December, 1998 review by the Britannica-Newsweek Internet Guide (http://newsweek.com/nw-srv/inetguide/iguide_53.html) as a recommended site

"Elegantly written articles essays, and reviews surveying New York City's architecture, museums, real estate and life."

- LookSmart, the search engine

"We look at a lot of websites, but nothing I have seen before, and probably nothing I will see again for quite some time, comes even close to the volume of information and sheer work that has gone into creating The City Review. It is an outstanding resource, like finding a library that is open 24 hours, but with no heavy books to lug around."

- Lauranna, Webmaster of 3moons Castle, which awards the Master of Magick award, which is rated 5.0 with Award Sites

"...a mine of precious information on NYC. Bravo!...keep up with your important work!"

- Barbara Tampieri, BTDesign Awards, which is rated 5.0 with Award Sites

"What a wonderful resource you've created about my favorite city in the World...New York City! To keep such a reference current with timely articles and news items and provide the wonderful first-hand photographic pictorials, is quite a feat."

- Karen Pimtzner, Webmaster of the petalperfect Digital Photography Gallery and the iNet Awards that are rated 4.5 by Award Sites

"The e-zine 'The City Review', is a fascinating website devoted to architecture, planning, real estate and the arts in Manhattan. The site contains extensive articles on urban affairs such as The Midtown Book and the Upper East Side Book, which provides critiques and commentary on key buildings in these districts.

Writers, urbanists, and those with an artistic bent may find this site to be both entertaining and useful. ...and for those us familiar with the larger-than-life New York City of West Side Story, various movies by Woody Allen, and the more recent Sex in the City series on Bravo!, this site will also prove stimulating."

The Land Centre, January 22, 2007

 "When it comes to matters of architectural pedigree and import, we trust the opinion of one man and one man only," Carter B. Horsley

- Joey Arak, senior editor, Curbed.com, October 30, 2009

The City Review, whose contents page may be accessed by clicking anywhere on the image above, is published by The City Review Inc., whose president is Carter B. Horsley, a former journalist for The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Post.  Mr. Horsley is also the editorial director of CityRealty.Com, which has a very large website on New York City residential real estate at http://www.cityrealty.com that contains essays on, and ratings of, hundreds of major apartment buildings and neighborhood descriptions written by him as well as extensive information on recent transactions, comparable sales, sales trends, information on mortgages, relocation, buying and selling, maps and "Top Ten" lists.            

The E-mail address of The City Review is carterbh@aol.com.       


Brookyn Bridge by Carter B. Horsley