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After the Change

She left the other day -- or year
I somehow can't recall
Just when it was she slipped away
And drifted down the hall

Silk tossed across the shoulders
Fell in silence to the floor
A spray of evanscent scent
Said something of before

And so it was I realized
She was no longer here
At first I wondered where she went
But then I thought who cares?

From this safe height of calm aplomb
From this sure mein of poise
It's an undisputed pleasure
To be done with all her joys,

Her sorrows, her intensities,
Her heart like pounding surf
To store in stead of such excess
A measure of reserve

But for those unexpected times
When light streams through the trees
Or a half forgotten melody
Lingers from a dream

And I'll turn my head impulsively
With something dear to share
Then what a grievous loss it seems
To know she won't be there.

July 1999

Myrna Katz Frommer


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