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Stickin’ It

Lady Gaga Takes Off

At Grammy’s Stevie Wonder Gala

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga performing at Grammy Stevie Wonder gala

By Carter B. Horsley

There are only a few things you will take to your grave, not necessarily in this order and please forgive and move on in the opening ads in these takes from the fabulous where most of them can be seen:


Freddy Mercury’s show-stopping at the 1985 Live Aid concert in which he sings “Radio Ga Ga” and other Queen favorites.


Michael Jackson’s blue-ray video “This is it” that shows how bad editing deprived most fans of his incredible dancing.


Judy Garland singing “Have Yourself A Merry, Little Christmas” in “Meet Me in St. Louis”


Gene Kelly’s “Singin’ In the Rain” number from the movie of the same name.


Maya Plisetskaya fluttering in 1973 production of “Swan Lake” at the age of 48.


Miles Davis raising his trumpet to his lips in 1959 version of “So What.”


Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby singing “Did You Evah?” in “High Society.”


Fred Astaire getting a shoeshine with Leroy Daniels in “The Band Wagon.”


Luciano Pavarotti singing “Nessum Dorma.”

Eddie Harris's and Les McCann’s January 25, 2008 rendition of their incomparable 1969 recording of a live version in Montreux of “Compared to What” on their “Swiss Movement” album


Gerry Mulligan and Bud Shank performing “By Your Grace” in Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on Beaver and Krause’s 1971 “Gandharva.”


Keith Jarrett’s improvisation on a Bosendorfer at January 24, 1975 Koln Concert.


Pedro Aznar’s singing on “The First Circle” by The Pat Metheny Group in 1988 on DVD video.

Daryl Hall's rendition of "I Miss You" on his television program honoring T-Bone Wolk, his recently departed guitarist.

and Daryl Hall's and Chromeo's version of "I Can't Go For that."

Vladimir Horowitz’s Avery Fisher Hall concert performance of Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto with Zubin Mehta conducting and not the better Ormandy conducting version at Carnegie Hall that is not on youtube, but this does show Horowitz’s hands….


Lady Gaga’s performance at the Stevie Wonder gala that was aired February 15, 2015 on CBS-TV.


Lady Gaga is electrifying in this performance and it’s amazing she didn’t fly up through the roof at the concert.  I’ve never seen her perform but I’m sure she can do a very mean and great flamenco.  With her shimming (shimmee, shimmee shake) dress and very long silver wig, she was Lady Godiva incarnate and would easily have intimated and entranced Helen of Troy.  As she stomps the floor, her arms levitate above the keyboard and she smiles and roars.  Wow!  Isn’t she lovely, as honoree Stevie would chant….

Lady Gaga going ballistic

Lady Gaga transporting Stevie Wonder's fans in performance of a lifetime

(It would be unfair not to mention that Tony Bennett threw off his demure, soft-spoken voice to show all the youngster screamers how it should be done, at least once in a very long and fine lifetime, and that Annie Lennox nailed a simple but very powerful rendition of a song with very impressive grace and authority.)

A fine tribute to a magical performer and songwriter who really rocks and rocks and rocks.

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