Personal Computers


The Perfect Personal Computer

Almost There...


By Carter B. Horsley

The state-of-the-art in consumer personal computers (as opposed to professional workstations) in early 1998 reached a very high plateau.

Indeed, by the end of the year it is likely that available models may well be pretty close to "perfect." Technology, of course, will not stop accelerating, but for the vast majority of users the new machines, just now on the horizon, may well be more than adequate for virtually all their needs for several years.

We are talking, naturally, about the top-of-the-line machines, not the bargain-basement PC's (that are now offering great values for many users). Fully loaded top-of-the-line PC's still cost upwards of $4,000 even as the $1,000 barrier at the lower end has been broken.

The current high-end crop still falls short of the mark. (See The City Review's article, Hell 2.)

The ideal personal computer will include the following:

What is wonderful is that the mainstream machines keep getting cheaper and are very close to being adequate for a considerable length of time, like television sets. Of course, high-definition TV is coming and that will raise our sights in terms of memory requirements and the speed and bus widths to push all that much more data through our systems/networks....

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