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2 Sutton Place South

Southwest corner at 57th Street



By Carter B. Horsley

Very few apartment houses in New York have enclosed driveways, but the short strip of Sutton Place has two: 1 Sutton Place South and this building.

1 Sutton Place South has its driveway conventionally located at the center of its main, block-long facade.

This building, which does not have an entire blockfront as does 1 Sutton Place South, has its driveway at the 57th Street corner. It is surprising that more buildings have not imitated this design as it makes for a quite grand entrance as it leads into a long lobby. The marble-lined driveway runs around a handsome square column and has a curved walkway as well as a balustraded fence and large urns.

Although 1 Sutton Place South is a more glamorous address because of its larger units, direct views of the East River from many apartments and its see-though lobby garden, 2 Sutton Place South definitely has its own appeal as it is several stories taller and has a magnificent roof garden that all residents can use.

The reddish-brown brick building was designed by Emery Roth and was completed in 1938 and converted to a cooperative in 1962. The 21-story building, which has an unusual salmon-colored stone base, has 131 apartments. It has a doorman but no balconies and no garage.

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