55 East End Avenue

Between 81st & 82nd Street

55 East End Avenue

55 East End Avenue

By Carter B. Horsley

This handsome, 15-story building has a nicely landscaped entrance and very attractive and spacious lobby.

The red-brick building was erected in 1951 and converted to a cooperative in 1980.

The building has 182 apartments with large and well-designed layouts, some with terraces.


Building has unusually "cool" façade treatment


It is very close to Carl Schurz Park as well as some of the city’s finest private schools and East End Avenue is one of the city’s most quiet, all features that have drawn many families to the area despite rather inconvenient public transportation.

The building, which has a landscaped, canopied, recessed entrance, is notable for its use of bright green mullions combined with bright green panels between some windows that give the building a strong banding effect modulated by some white-brick mullions. The use of the green panels is an unusual instance in the city of strong color being used in a large residential building and it is quite effective, indeed, rather "cooling" here.

This is a quiet neighborhood but it is far from public transportation.

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