Gracie Towers

180 East End Avenue

Between 88th & 89th Streets

180 East End Avenue

180 East End Avenue

By Carter B. Horsley

Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s residence since the early 1940’s, is just a short distance away in Carl Schurz Park directly across East End Avenue from this 21-story apartment.

As a result, security here is superb and so are the dramatic views that also include picturesque vistas of Long Island Sound and its bridges.

View from the southeast

180 East End Avenue from the southeast

Beth Israel Hospital North is on the next block south and Henderson Place, one of the city’s prettiest streets of townhouses on 86th Street and some of the city’s best schools are also nearby.

Built in 1961, this large cooperative building has 155 apartments, many with large balconies, many of which have been enclosed. Beneath the attractive watertank enclosure on the roof, the penthouses have small curved battlements. Many of the balconies are at the corners of the building with two exposures and a few are on the sidestreets.

Entrance and driveway

Entrance and driveway

Commensurate with its prime East End Avenue location, the building has a large and attractive lobby. The entrance has a driveway and a handsome curved white marble enclosure framing the front door and that enclosure is framed with windows set in dark polished granite.

The building, which is known as Gracie Towers, was designed by Sylvan and Robert Bien. It has a 20-by-40-foot rooftop swimming pool, which was reported to be the first of its kind in apartment buildings in the city.

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