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1136 Fifth Avenue

Southeast corner at 95th Street

1136 Fifth Avenue

1136 Fifth Avenue

By Carter B. Horsley

This very handsome apartment house was designed by George F. Pelham Jr., the architect also of 785 and 1120 Park Avenue and the very handsome Hudson River Gardens and Castle Village developments a few blocks north of the George Washington Bridge.

It was built in 1925 and converted to a cooperative in 1959.

Handsome first-story window grills at 1136 Fifth Avenue

Handsome first-floor window grates

The 15-story building, which has fine views of Central Park, has 43 apartments. A large children’s playground is nearby one block to the north inside the park.

This Carnegie Hill stretch of Fifth Avenue is very attractive as it was fully developed before World War II and has a very consistent architectural character, interrupted only by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s famous curved building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright several blocks south at 89th Street. The sidestreets between Fifth and Madison Avenues are very handsome here.

Handsome entrance surround at 1136 Fifth Avenue


This building has fine architectural detailing and a very attractive canopied entrance with nice sidewalk landscaping.

This area has many private schools and there are several nice restaurants nearby on Madison Avenue. Cross-town bus service is at 96th and 97th Streets. This is one of the quietest areas of Fifth Avenue.

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