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1133 Park Avenue

Southeast corner at 91st Street

1133  Park Avenue

By Carter B. Horsley

This 16-story apartment building was erected in 1924 and converted to a cooperative in 1954. It has only two apartments per floor.

It was erected by Harris H. Uris, an immigrant from Latvia, whose family would become one of the city's most important developers of office buildings after World War II. The building was designed by Nathan Korn.

The building has a prime Carnegie Hill location diagonally across the avenue from the handsome Brick Presbyterian Church that was designed by George F. Pelham Jr. Because the north side of the sidestreet here has several low-rise buildings, this building, which has a sidestreet entrance, has more open views than many other buildings on the avenue.


It has a two-story limestone base and attractive terracotta window reveals on the third floor. The doorman building has a nice cornice and inconsistent fenestration. It has a sidestreet entrance.

There are many fine private schools in this neighborhood as well as many cultural and religious institutions. This is one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods for families and there are several charming restaurants and boutiques nearby on Madison Avenue.

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