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799 Park Avenue

Northeast corner at 74th Street

799 Park Avenue

799 Park Avenue is the white-brick building at the right

By Carter B. Horsley

This 21-story building was erected in 1961, the year the city enacted a major new Zoning Resolution to encourage more public spaces.

Given its superb location close to many of the most exclusive and glamorous buildings on the avenue, this simple, glazed-white-brick cooperative did not win a lot of kudos from architecture critics. In his book, "Park Avenue, Street of Dreams," (Atheneum, 1990), James Trager maintains that this building was "perpetrated by H. I. Feldman," and "replaced two tenement houses, one of which had, in turn, replaced three stables."

While it is completely out of context with its neighbors, it, of course, has very nice and attractive neighbors, which make its 74 apartments quite desirable.

The building has some angled terraces, a doorman, an attractive lobby, a one-story polished black granite base, and sidewalk landscaping. It has no health club and no sundeck.


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