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The Richmond

201 East 80th Street

Northeast corner at Third Avenue

The Richmond

The Richmond

By Carter B. Horsley

This very large conversion and rebuilding of a former warehouse building that was built in 1937 and was mostly windowless was embroiled in considerable controversy with the local community not over its size, but over its retail space. Some local residents were concerned that a large toy store planned for much of the space might create too much "traffic."

The controversy was resolved and the attractive red-brick-with-white-trim building opened, with many large windows, as a condominum in 1996. The main retail tenant is Eli's, which is part of the Zabar's food organization and it occupies the first floor and the basement.

The 24-story building, which is considerably more appealing than the former dark warehouse, has 101 apartments, most with fairly high ceilings. The building’s tower is set back from a mid-rise wing on the avenue and many apartments in the tower have balconies.

The area is one of the most attractive sections on Third Avenue as several sidewalk cafes and attractive restaurants are in the immediate vicinity as are other good-looking high-rise luxury apartment towers.

Cross-town buses run on 79th Street and a local subway station is at 77th Street and Lexington Avenue, the location of Lenox Hill Hospital.

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