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200 East 90th Street

Southeast corner at Third Avenue

View from the northwest

View from the northwest

By Carter B. Horsley

This pleasant, red-brick, condominium apartment building was erected in 1974. The 28-story building has 214 units.

The building, which has many bay windows, is across the side-street from Ruppert Tower, which is part of the massive red-brick complex developed on the former two-square-block site between Third and Second Avenues of the Ruppert Brewery.

View from the west

View from the west

The building is set back in plazas on both the avenue and the side-street and has extensive sidewalk landscaping. It has a one-story marble base and a large travertine marble entrance marquee and driveway on the side-street. Its avenue retail facilities include Mr. Wright, one of the city's best liquor stores. There are many restaurants and stores in the vicinity and a nice park is down the street at Second Avenue.

View from the south

View from the south of tower on the right

The building allows pets and has a garage, a concierge, discrete air-conditioners, a revolving front-door, and many good views to the east and west.

There is good bus service with cross-town service on 86th Street, which is a major neighborhood shopping center.

A typical "luxury" apartment high-rise of its era, it is not great architecture, but the bay windows, plazas and nice entrance make it better than average.

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