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One Harkness Plaza

61 West 62nd Street, 61 Columbus Avenue, 1887 Broadway

Block 1115 Lot 7502

Harkness is white tower in center

Harkness is white tower in center

By Carter B. Horsley

This handsome, 27-story cooperative apartment tower is one of the city's most modernistic with its silvery metallic façade.

Designed by Philip Birnbaum, the 278-unit building was developed by Giffuni Bros., and completed in 1978.

It occupies the former site of the Colonial Theater, which was built in 1904 and later became the Harkness Theater. The Colonial Theater was "hallowed by Chaplin, Houdini, Walter Hampden and - among many others - Walter Winchell, whose nightly broadcast originated here in the forties," according to Peter Selwen in his very interesting book, "Upper West Side Story A History and Guide," (Abbeville Press, 1989)

View from the southwest

Harkness tower from the southwest

The handsome building has an L-shape and is wrapped around 1881 Broadway. It has a large through-block arcade, entered from Broadway that originally had a lot of red seating. In 1997, a large part of the arcade was rented to a "rock-climbing" enterprise that brought a new, blatantly vigorous, albeit incongruous, life to the space.

Many apartments have views of Lincoln Center have unobstructed view over Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The building has a doorman and is convenient to public transportation and restaurants and Central Park. There is no sidewalk landscaping and there is considerable traffic in this area.

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