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801 West End Avenue

Northwest corner at 99th Street

801 and 817 West End Avenue

801 West End Avenue, left, 817 West End Avenue, right

By Carter B. Horsley

This magnificent and impressive apartment building is a twin with 817 on the southwest corner at 100th Street and they share the same avenue blockfront. The primary differences are that this building has a slightly darker red-brick facade, the ground floors are a bit different because of the street's slope and 801 West End Avenue has a canopied entrance and 817 West End Avenue does not.



Both buildings have two extraordinary, Art-Nouveau-style, roofline cartouches that resemble peacock display of feathers.



They also have dry moats with large railings and three-story limestone bases, the top stories of which are rusticated. The step-up, canopied entrances are flanked by pilasters and lanterns and lead to very handsome, step-up lobbies. The building has a doorman, permits protruding air-conditioners and has consistent fenestration. It has no garage.

Roofline detail

Detail of roofline

The 12-story building was erected in 1918 and converted to a cooperative in 1980. It has 73 apartments.

Facade detail

Fašade detail

This is a very handsome section of West End Avenue that is convenient to public transportation and one block from Riverside Park. Neighborhood shopping is nearby and steadily improving as high-end retailers continue to advance up Broadway.

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