Pedestrian discrimination in midtown

Not comfortable in bold

Colors that strongly rule

A declaration

Of intent, if not content.

Mixed, crossed, nudged and blurred

Jumble of oratory, jungle of exclamations,

Attacking, paring, carving apart folds of vision.

Hurried, slurred conclusion. All is confusion.

Snatches of perspective tilted, ajar, fading

The surprises of intemperate, temporal thought,

Curling the virgin leaves of books fading,

Crumbling, files, lives, tattered, re-awakened.


Fretful, hesitant. Scared.

Sun's coming out, lighting up, opening.

Dreadful paces to conquer, sidestep,

Stepping on indifferent but consistent lines, marking

Insignificance in airy, echoed tombs -

The traffic toughs it out.

The traffic irritates. The traffic jerks.

The traffic. The traffic.

Red light.


Prodden, pedestrian prowler at the feet of towers,

Why should I walk? Let me look

And see and think and decide without caution

Standing here alone today, unlocomoted.



Carter B. Horsley


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